Head Injury Assessment in Primary Care for New Nurse Practitioners

concussion evaluation new nurse practitioner

What’s involved in a head injury assessment in primary care?

Most of the time you’ll see mild injuries (luckily!) but how do you know if it’s a concussion or something more serious?

How do you diagnose a concussion? And who needs imaging?

I got ya covered. In this video you’ll learn:

  • What symptoms to look for (and when to worry)
  • What you should find (and shouldn’t find) on your physical assessment
  • The treatment and follow up care
  • The best tools to help you assess symptoms and decide how to move forward

PLUS! Download a concussion cheat sheet with everything you need, so you can print it out and keep it at your desk. Download it below this video.

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    48 thoughts on “Head Injury Assessment in Primary Care for New Nurse Practitioners”

    1. Let’s try short and sweet, I love the cheat sheets, I’m building a binder with them. I start my first NP job on Dec. 30, and I will be taking my binder with me.

    2. Hi Liz, so sorry for the hurtful criticism you received regarding talking too fast. I think constructive criticism is important but it does need to be delivered in a way that is productive to the task and not destructive of the person. Not everyone learns or knows how to do this well in an academic sense. I think you are doing a great job. Sometimes the videos are long but since the information is important, I don’t mind the length and I doubt others do as well. As a new NP in my first year, I am grateful to you for your website, advise and your videos. They have been super helpful and have increased my confidence which only gets better with time. And since this is also new to you, you will gain more confidence with what works and ignoring anything that is not helpful to your online professional growth. Keep up the good work!

      1. Hey Rani, thanks so very much for your feedback and encouragement, I’m glad we’re in this together! I do struggle with keeping them short and concise, I just want to tell you EVERYTHING, but it’s not always as digestible that way. I’m so, so glad you’re finding them helpful.

        1. Liz,
          You are doing it right. I want to know everything! I want to know the why and how not just the short and sweet- what. Keep up the great work. Also, I don’t think you talk too fast.

      2. Love the way your videos are set up: background info, case study, and recap. I feel that it would be a disservice to make them any shorter. The info you provide is important and needed. Thank you for all that you do to help the rest of us struggling as new NPs.

    3. Keep doing your videos this way, please! They have helped me so much. I have improved my practice and feel better overall about being a new NP thanks to your videos, posts and cheat sheets.

    4. I like the videos the way you have always done them. I like the case study format. I found your site a little late as I have been practicing 2 years but I recommend it to np students all of the time. I would say all of the labs and diagnostics you can do the better as np programs are weak in that area.

      1. Absolutely! Thank you so much, honestly this career is SO much, I learn new things myself putting them together every week, even after 4 years of practice. And thank you for spreading the word!

    5. Stephanie Amor-Arteaga

      The videos are great! Loving the cheat sheets. I’m 3 months into my first NP job and I’ve added your cheat sheets to my reference binder. Thanks!

    6. Hi Liz,

      Relatively new here but I am loving your videos. I don’t mind the length, I feel as though I’m getting valuable information as a new grad. The case study format is great, I find I learn best this way. I’m currently off of work recovering from ACL surgery and I watch your videos during my rehab. I’m thankful to have them, as I either learn what I know and gain confidence or learn what I need more experience in. The horrible timing of having surgery a few weeks into starting a new career has left me feeling like I will forget everything hah! Your videos keep me connected.
      Keep it up, we’re grateful to have you!

      1. I’m so sorry you had to have surgery! Such a drag. It’s hard not to worry about losing your knowledge and skills after a break, I’ve felt like that every time! Maternity leave and changing jobs (even after 3 years!). You’ll get it back sooner than you expect.

        So glad you’re enjoying the videos ☺ Thank you!!

    7. Love your videos, I think the videos are very informative and concise. I love the study sheets, thank you for the all work you do. I have told all my NP friends about you πŸ™‚

    8. Keep Up the great work! I love your style and the information is perfect…so grateful for your efforts here.
      Merry Xmas to you, enjoy your break!

    9. Keep it the same. I appreciate the information and case studies too. Cheat sheets are very helpful. I’m collecting them in a binder too.

    10. I think the videos are great the way they are. I’m a new NP so the content is helpful. With that said I may feel differently overtime which maybe why some would like it more condensed. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

      1. Thank you!! I’m so glad. Yes I definitely wonder if different stages of practice need different types of things. Most people want to keep them the same, so I’ll have to think about how to also help those who want it condensed. Thanks so much for your feedback! Have an awesome holiday!

    11. Hi Liz,
      Love all your videos. Keep them as long as you need to so we get all the important information. I am in my first year and think they are very helpful.

      1. I’m so glad to hear it! I definitely try to pack as much in there as I can πŸ™‚ I’m so glad they’re helping, thank you.

    12. Your videos are SO helpful and really improving my patient care and confidence. I know that some think the videos are lengthy, but all the information you provide is so helpful that I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of it. I have been working for one month and your videos are a God send for this new grad!

      1. Thank you so much for this feedback! I’m so glad they are helpful. I definitely struggle with the length, and how to make them as short as possible. Brainstorming some ideas, I’ll keep you posted!

    13. Keep the same! I think the time you spend on the topic matches the amount of knowledge you are conveying and all of it is important. I too think you are doing a great job!
      Could you make the PowerPoint available for download/reference?
      Thank you for the cheat sheets!!
      Merry Christmas!

    14. Keep them the same!! Stumbled across your website three years into this new career, so wish I had these tools sooner! Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us, you are wonderful πŸ€—

    15. Elizabeth Jackson

      Hi Liz, Love your videos! I find them super helpful, especially as an almost new grad NP (graduate for FNP in May!). I say keep them the same! Thank you for all that do you!

    16. I am still a NP student, final year. Love your videos. I think the info. You share is important and helpful. Thank you so much

    17. Juliet M Nottingham

      I love your videos! I’m busy, but I know I can come back to them when I have free time. I’ve been in practice for a year and the videos are a great review of the basics. Keep doing things just as you are!!

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