New Nurse Practitioner Q & A | How to know when to change jobs

Becoming a nurse practitioner feels like becoming a nurse all over again – having questions like:

  • What did I get myself into?
  • Is it normal to feel like this?
  • How do I know if this job is the right fit? Or if it’s time to change?

This week’s video is mixing it up, answering these questions from the community, #realtalk

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6 thoughts on “New Nurse Practitioner Q & A | How to know when to change jobs”

  1. Thank you Liz for the reply!! I loved how you described, “does it light you up” ?! Thanks for all you do!

    Beth , okc

  2. Liz- You cannot imagine how helpful this video on making change as an NP was for me. I made a change to a specialty practice (GI/hepatology) from having done urgent care for 5 years. My nursing background was mostly ER so urgent care was a fit. I was asked to fill a void in the specialty practice and my docs are WONDERFUL; but, I always felt I was asking too many questions or just not “getting it”. I am building confidence through repetition and looking things up. It’s nice to know this is a normal feeling and not just me. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Ohh I’m so, so glad to hear this 🙏 It takes forEVER to feel like you’re not asking too many questions!! I still feel like that sometimes.

  3. I wish I had found your video’s when I started my first job in 6/2018. I got to the point in my job that last month I gave then my resignation and was gone two weeks later. Looking back I don’t even know why I felt so dis-empowered to speak up when I began to notice I was spending 12 hour days, and on the weekend some time, with documentation and addressing in-basket. Now I am not working and currently looking. Thank you for creating this “therapy” for us!

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