Nurse Practitioner Visit Routines

You’ve got the front desk staff asking you to see a late patient, the lab needs you to put in orders, the pharmacy says they don’t have the script you sent 45 minutes ago, and you have 2 patients to see.

Just reading that scenario gives me chest pain — but it happens all the time.

Keeping your head on straight while juggling so many moving pieces in a typical day as a nurse practitioner is TOUGH.

I heavily rely on structure and routines to make sure I keep it all straight — and I don’t miss anything!

In this video, I go over my routines with new patients, annual physicals, follow-up visits and sick visits, so you can stay on track and make sure you’ve got all the info you need.

PLUS: my cheat-sheet I give all my students (and I used for the first year+ … literally bringing it into my visits and checking things off as we covered them). Download it below this video!

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    9 thoughts on “Nurse Practitioner Visit Routines”

    1. Gertrude Orakwue

      Hi Liz,
      Thank you for the cheat sheet and the tips on making a care plan that you posted here. Really appreciate your support.
      You’re guiding me to rich sources of resource that i need as i start my new Job as an NP next week.

    2. Even though I am approaching the end of 1 year post graduation as an NP, I am still fine tuning all of these visits. Looking forward to the others you mentioned coming out.

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