Uncontrolled Diabetes Management for New Nurse Practitioners

Diabetes management is the bread and butter of primary care. Why is it so hard to get a handle on?

First, there’s the meds. SO many meds.

Speaking of which, join us for the Diabetes medication workshop July 30th for a run down of all the non-insulin med options (with practice cases!) — full details over at realworldnp.com/diabetes

Second, there’s… like, everything else. But I’ve got you covered 😉

In this video, you’ll learn:

– The first question to start your uncontrolled diabetes visits with

– The two camps of patients, and how to think about & help each

– Strategies to help bring those high A1Cs down

Check it out here  👇

(FYI: to slow down the audio speed, hit the gear symbol in the bottom right corner and change it to .75x or .5x. Closed captions are also located at the bottom R hand corner of the video.)

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