How to Know When to Refer to a Specialist: #1 Tip for New Grad NPs

When should you refer to a specialist?

Are there other tests you could do first?

Should you wait it out?

At what point can you be sure?

In this video is my NUMBER ONE tip to help you:

  • Feel more confident with your referrals
  • Deepen and broaden your knowledge base
  • Take excellent care of your patients
  • The step-by-step to do it and pitfalls to avoid (that I made…)

Any guesses? Check it out below 👇

Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you.

What is one tip that you can take and apply to your practice to help with referring patients? I’d love to know!

Leave me a comment below. Be sure to share your thought directly in the comments, no links or videos as they may be removed.

Thanks so much for watching. Hang in there, and I’ll see you soon.


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8 thoughts on “How to Know When to Refer to a Specialist: #1 Tip for New Grad NPs”

  1. Juliet M Nottingham

    I loved this video! I often hit a wall and decide to refer, but it’s good to know I may not have to do so quite yet. A cold call is intimidating, and I REALLY appreciate your suggested dialogue.

    I look forward to your new videos. They’re always SO helpful!

    1. Juliet I’m so glad to hear that. It’s SO intimidating, but you can do it! And even if it goes poorly, it’ll get easier — and roll off like water off a ducks back 🙂 Thank you!!

  2. Thank you for your videos and encouragement! It’s such a huge leap from RN to NP, and many times we are looked down upon by physicians for asking questions that are valid and appropriate.

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