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Clinical Interview Questions for New Nurse Practitioners

Aug 10, 2021

Some people love doing interviews. 🦄

Most people don’t.

And why would they? When you're being interviewed, you're literally being put on the spot and questioned about what you know and how you would respond...and then being judged for it.

But let’s hold on a second. While that is ~technically~ true, there’s another way to look at it. A way that is less stress-inducing.

How to Answer Clinical Interview Questions for New NPs

In this week’s video, I talk about my approach to clinical interviews.

  • The most important thing to communicate to interviewers
  • How to demonstrate your approach to patient care
  • And why you really don’t need to be a walking textbook to have a great interview

Check it out here:

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Also, check out Amanda Guarniere at The Resume RX — she specializes in helping nurse practitioners navigate the job market.  

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