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Digital NP Binder

For busy clinic days

Don’t waste time clicking back and forth between digital resources — this compilation of our top clinical practice cheat sheets can be printed out and stored at your desk for easy reference.

**Automatically updated every 3 months**

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Lab Interpretation Crash Course for New NPs

Everything you need to know for interpreting CBCs, CMPs, UAs, Lipids, TSH, and top endocrine lab results in one place.

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“Seriously, it’s life-changing.” - Nadine, NP

Over the course of 5 modules, build the confidence you need to handle labs with confidence and ease without juggling 5 different resources. There’s no learn-by date on the course — it’s self-paced, never expires, and is fully online.

Intended for nurse practitioners in primary care. This activity is approved for 8.7 contact hour(s) of continuing education by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners [Activity ID 20104598]. This activity was planned in accordance with AANP Accreditation Standards and Policies.

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Managing Diabetes, Hypertension and CKD Review Course

Take the stress out of DM, HTN and CKD care.

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In this live-taught, 6 week program we'll cover the care of diabetes, hypertension and CKD in primary care.

For diabetes, it covers:

  • Oral & injectable medication review - including insulin titration and when to refer (according to AACE guidelines)
  • Diabetes monitoring parameters and pearls of practice
  • HPI quick texts for download to use in the EHR

For Hypertension, it covers:

  • Hypertension medication review and guidance on dosing, titration, evaluation according to guidelines
  • When to refer (and to whom!)
  • What to monitor in hypertension
  • More quick texts for download!

For chronic kidney disease, it covers:

  • Overview of CKD - diagnosis, testing & interpretation, guidelines, overall principles of management
  • Important monitoring for CKD and when to refer to nephrology
  • Nephrotoxic medications to avoid and monitor
  • More quick texts for download!

It's currently closed for enrollment, but will likely be re-released as an on-demand course. Stay tuned by joining the waitlist here.


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New Nurse Practitioner Resume Example (FREE!)

Putting together your first NP resume? Getting an NP job is totally different from applying to nursing jobs. There's a lot to fit in with your clinical rotations, certifications, education & work experience. 

Download our New Grad Nurse Practitioner Resume Example to use as a guide!


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