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Diagnostic Approach to Dizziness

Oct 12, 2021

Dizziness alone accounts for about 5% of all primary care office visits in the US.

5%! That's a huge number.

But as a chief complaint, dizziness is somewhat nebulous.

The causes of dizziness can run the gamut — from annoying-but-benign to yikes-let's-get-you-to-the-ER.

So how do you sift through all the possibilities and uncover what’s :::really going on::: with your patient?

Diagnosing Dizziness in Primary Care

In Diagnostic Approach to Dizziness, we walk NPs through the basics of assessing patients who are experiencing dizziness. We talk about:

✅ The four buckets of ideologies that your patient’s dizziness might fall into
✅ The critical patient history questions. (And why it's important to drill down on what patients mean when they say they're CONSTANTLY dizzy.)
✅ The diagnostic steps and key physical tests to run (and how to do them in a not-scary way for your patients!)

🚩And the red flags you absolutely need to watch out for

Check it out:


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