Diagnostic Approach to Dizziness

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Dizziness alone accounts for about 5% of all primary care office visits in the US.

5%! That's a huge number.

But as a chief complaint, dizziness is somewhat nebulous.

The causes of dizziness can run the gamut — from annoying-but-benign to yikes-let's-get-you-to-the-ER.

So how do you sift through all the possibilities and uncover what’s :::really going on::: with your patient?

Diagnosing Dizziness in Primary Care

In Diagnostic Approach to Dizziness, we walk NPs through the basics of assessing patients who are experiencing dizziness. We talk about:

βœ… The four buckets of ideologies that your patient’s dizziness might fall into
βœ… The critical patient history questions. (And why it's important to drill down on what patients mean when they say they're CONSTANTLY dizzy.)
βœ… The diagnostic steps and key physical tests to run (and how to do them in a not-scary way for your patients!)

🚩And the red flags you absolutely need to watch out for

Check it out:

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