Reimagining Continuing Education for Nurse Practitioners

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Welcome back to Season 3 of the Real World NP Podcast! This episode is an interview with yours truly - I want to share a bit of a “reset” with what’s going on with Real World NP, how we’re reimagining continuing education for nurse practitioners, where we started, where we’re going, and how you can be involved.

I also want to share a bit that has changed behind the scenes, and how we’re incorporating more of a social justice and equity lens— not just inside the education for nurse practitioners, but overall practices inside the company. 

One of the core reasons behind the company is not just to make the transition to practice for nurse practitioners easier, but also make an impact on the healthcare and education industries. We want to do continuing education for nurse practitioners differently than the status quo.

Some real talk: I feel like I repeat myself a lot, and part of me is like “they know this already.” They know that it’s important to be a whole human, and that they get to do that in their personal and work lives. That they’re not just a machine in the cog of healthcare, and things are starting to change. That they deserve to be supported and held in safe spaces while they learn this extremely important and difficult field of medicine. It’s old news.

But I’m reminded of the number of times I’ve counseled patients on their medications - at LENGTH and REPEATEDLY - and they still need to hear it again.

Like the time my patient with new-onset afib needing anticoagulation still ended up in the ER for overdosing his meds. Or after three visits for my patient with diabetes, they still did not understand their diagnosis and what it meant.

I truly, truly believe that even when things feel daunting and overwhelming, whether it’s the clinic day ahead, the severity of illness of the patient in front of you, or the state of the healthcare industry, individual actions make a big difference.

I’d love for you to be a part of the movement of change to make healthcare and education for nurse practitioners better — listen in to this episode to get a sense of where we’re going and what you can expect from us going forward. It’s also a helpful introduction to the backstory behind the company if you’re new here!



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Reimagining Continuing Education for Nurse Practitioners

Jun 27, 2024


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