High TSH Levels: Lab Interpretation for New Grad NPs

chronic care clinical topics endocrine lab interpretation Oct 22, 2019

Finding a high TSH on a screening test or when you've ordered it for a fatigue workup is SO common in primary care.

But when do you actually need to treat it? And how?

Diagnosis and Management of High TSH

Using a case study, you'll learn:

  • When to worry about a high TSH
  • The first steps you need to take first to manage it
  • How to follow up and assess your treatment
  • And other pearls of practice when it comes to a TSH

Lab Interpretation Crash Course

If you liked this episode, it's a sneak preview of how we cover labs inside our comprehensive Lab Interpretation Crash Course. It covers CBC, CMP, Urinalysis, Dipstick & Microscopy, TSH, Lipids & top Endocrine labs in primary care, and comes with lifetime access and continuing education credits! Check it out here.

Accessibility matters: Read full transcript here

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