HSV Diagnosis for New Nurse Practitioners

clinical topics infectious disease lab interpretation Apr 06, 2021
Diagnosing HSV 1&2

So often in primary care, patients come in asking for testing for herpes, whether they have symptoms or not. Sometimes it’s because they “want to be tested for everything,” or are concerned about an exposure from a partner. As a new nurse practitioner, I wasn’t always confident about the best approach.

HSV Diagnosis in Primary Care

In this week’s video, I’m covering:

  • When to consider HSV, and the unlikely ways it can present
  • What the difference between primary, non-primary initial and recurrent infections are, and what it means for the patient
  • The top differential diagnoses to consider
  • How to test for HSV, what the gold standard tests are and what NOT to use

Check it out below:

Accessibility Matters: Read The Full Transcript Here

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