Interview with a Pulmonologist

chronic care clinical topics interviews pulmonary Feb 14, 2023
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Have you ever wondered how best to manage your patients with pulmonary diagnoses? How much steroid use is too much for these patients? What happens after you refer your patients to pulmonology? How do we bridge the gap between primary care and pulmonology? 

If you have more questions than answers about pulmonology, you are not alone. Unless you have worked in that department, you might not know a lot about the finer points of what actually happens in those appointments.

Good news. You gave us all the questions that you have for pulmonology – and we have answers. In this high-yield interview, we will go over the answers to all of your questions and a lot more.

All Of Your Pulmonology Questions, Answered

This week, we talk in-depth with pulmonologist Dr. Daniel Seifer about your questions and more. From what to be thinking about when referring your patient to pulmonology to patient teaching techniques, we cover a lot in this interview.  We talk about: 

  • What your patient’s steroid use can tell you about the status of their chronic condition
  • Which tests to order for your patients, and what they mean for your patient
  • The right way to use inhalers, and common mistakes many patients make     
  • Inhalers versus nebulizers – which is right for your patient?
  • What to be thinking about when you refer your patient to pulmonology

This interview is like a crash course in next-level care for your patients with a pulmonary diagnosis. If you have felt pulmonology is a growth area for you, this interview should help. If you want to have better strategies for patient teaching, this interview should help. Grab a notebook and get ready to learn a lot in a little time – and improve the care that you give to your pulmonology patients in primary care.


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