Interview with a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

clinical topics contraceptives gyn interviews Jun 29, 2021
Two women on a pink background and text reads Interview with an OBGYN Nurse Practitioner

One of the struggles for new nurse practitioners in primary care is managing women’s health topics, and knowing if and when to refer to an OBGYN specialist. We want to do things the right way and use resources we can trust.

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Interview

In this week’s video, I’m interviewing Monica Carter, who is a family nurse practitioner who has practiced in the women’s health setting for the last 13 years. She dropped SO many pearls and pitfalls of practice, and is truly a gem of a human. We answered questions from the community for a women’s health provider, including:

  • Tips for finding cervixes on pap smears, when to do a pap post-hysterecomy, and how to assess the variable appearances of cervixes on exam
  • Tips and resources for managing menopausal symptoms, abnormal pap results, choosing contraceptives (such great insights!) and medications in pregnancy
  • Getting into GYN as a family nurse practitioner
  • When to refer to maternal fetal medicine
  • Initial workup for infertility and pearls of practice

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