What I need you to know about Nexplanon Counseling | New Nurse Practitioners

clinical topics contraceptives gyn Jul 28, 2020

And as a general rule, I don’t really have pet peeves in practice. Most of the time I let things slide.

On my crankier days, though, here’s one of mine:

Nexplanon counseling confusion.

Sooooo many providers are mystified by or disinterested in gynecology/women’s health topics.

Which leads to totally preventable extra visits, testing, waiting, patient frustration…(could be said about any topic in medicine, really)

So whether you’re obsessed with GYN, or you’d rather pass it off to another provider (lovingly, this is especially for you!)-- this week’s video breaks it down simply:

What I need you to know about Nexplanon counseling. Short, sweet and to the point.

Nexplanon Counseling in Primary Care

Read the full transcript HERE

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