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Pancreatitis Diagnosis for New Nurse Practitioners

Jan 26, 2021

Epigastric pain as a chief complaint happens ALL the time in primary care.

And we all order labs to help rule out pancreatitis, but most clinicians feel uncomfortable with diagnosing pancreatitis in primary care.

Even though it’s not that common, it’s certainly a red flag diagnosis to watch out for.

In this video I cover:

  • The main causes of pancreatitis
  • What labs to order and what to look out for
  • Criteria for diagnosing pancreatitis
  • Next steps to take when you suspect it

(FYI: to slow down the audio speed, hit the gear symbol in the bottom right corner and change it to .75x or .5x. Closed captions are also located at the bottom R hand corner of the video.)

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