Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Roundtable: How Are We Doing After Covid?

interviews podcast real world topics Dec 12, 2023
An image of three women smiling at the camera with a text How Are We Doing After Covid

So many primary care nurse practitioners— new and experienced— are feeling overwhelmed right now.

Thinking: “Is it just me?” “Am I crazy?” “This is way worse than I thought.”

Feeling thrown in the deep end, still slogging and grinding after peak covid, wondering about their longevity in the profession…

I’ve been asking myself a lot — how do I keep an open heart and not barricade it away? Still allow myself joy, love, and connection to purpose? Whether at work, at home, in relationships…

Connection, community, and hope are what I keep coming back to.

For the last episode of 2023, I wanted to share something truly special with you that I hope will give you that sense of connection that you may need right now.

Recently, I spoke with two of my dear friends and NP colleagues, Kara and Heather, and the three of us talked about our shared experiences and challenges working together in the community health setting.

Listening to it pre-release, it made my NP colleague cry — she felt so seen and validated.

We talked about burnout, boundary setting, and the beautiful power of teamwork for primary care nurse practitioners.

Join us for a heart-to-heart chat that's raw, relatable, and peppered with a good dose of humor. Because, let's face it, sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Whether you're a seasoned NP or just starting your journey, this episode is a virtual hug, a reminder that you're not alone.

I hope you find it uplifting, relatable, and a little humorous. 😉

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