Resistant Hypertension for Nurse Practitioners Part 2

cardiology chronic care clinical topics endocrine nephrology Nov 02, 2021
A woman's face with the words Resistant Hypertension Part 2 for Nurse Practitioners

In Part 2 of our Resistant Hypertension videos, I’m looking at hyperaldosteronism, or high aldosterone levels, as a cause for treatment-resistant hypertension — and an under-recognized one at that. 

So what is high aldosterone? Where does it come from? When do you check for it? What causes it? If a patient has high aldosterone, what do you do next? 

Let’s dig in!

Note that assessing for this may be out of your practice comfort zone — and that’s totally fine! But it’s still important to know what hyperaldosteronism means for your patients. 

Diagnosing Resistant Hypertension in Primary Care

In this video, I touch on:

✅ What distinguishes primary and secondary aldosteronism - and why it matters

✅ Symptoms to keep an eye on when looking at the different ideologies for high aldosterone

✅ And how to navigate that always-tricky dance of testing and referral as a nurse practitioner

Managing Diabetes, Hypertension & CKD Review Course

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Accessibility matters: Read the full transcript here 

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