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The Ten Podcasts You Can't Miss if You're an NP

Aug 05, 2021

Podcasts are a quick way to make nurse practitioner professional development faster and easier. But where do you start? We’re sharing some of our faves over here at Real World NP.  

I’m busy. 

You’re busy. 

We’re all busy. 

Between work and family and friends and life, it’s hard — sometimes straight-up impossible — to find time for that oh-so-important professional development and learning that we’re supposed to do. 

And boy, is there a lot of it to do when you’re a new nurse practitioner. 

That’s why podcasts are so amazing. I’m a recent convert myself. It’s just so...straightforward! 

I plug in my earbuds, dial up a podcast, and go about my day.

And if I can manage to ~not~ get sucked into my favorite unicorn-themed podcast, then I might actually learn something while I fold my laundry. 

I don’t blame you at all if you take your podcast-listening energy to binge something that is not at all work-related. We all need — yes, all of us! — a chance to let our brains breathe a little bit. 

But if you’re down for a little more learning, here are a few healthcare-industry-specific ones that I’ve been listening to.


American Family Physician Podcast  

This is one of the big go-tos for nurse practitioners, nurses, doctors — anyone who is practicing family medicine. 

I’m not going to sugarcoat it — this podcast can be heavy with information. It’s like an evidence-based fruitcake. It jumps right into the clinical issues that we face in primary care. But it’s so relevant! It’s so engaging! It’s so useful! 

Plus, the podcast team there knows how to pack a punch — even with all the information in a given episode, they keep the run time short, usually around 25 minutes or so. 

Primary Care RAP (Paid)

This podcast is one of the top podcasts for primary care professionals. It covers everything from pediatric fevers to medical racism. Each episode is: 

  • Hosted by specialists
  • Provides a list of clinical pearls
  • And lists references 

I love the evidence-based approach, but also the fact that you can get CEs for some of their podcasts — usually the longer ones. 

There are lots of free episodes to choose from. The only downside? To get the full range of podcast episodes — and CEs — you have to subscribe to their platform. 

Public Health on Call

You can’t separate healthcare and medicine from our communities and public health conditions. 

But you’re already trying to keep up with all your nurse practitioner stuff! How are you supposed to untangle the web of socio-economic and political conditions that impact public health while you’re juggling ~everything~ else? 

You don’t have to do it alone. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health brings real data and expert insight to their short-but-impactful podcast that touches on topics from Covid-19 to gun violence to health equity and more. 


Okay, total transparency time. This one is my absolute fave!

The Curbsiders podcast promises clinical pearls and bad puns, and they definitely deliver on those. 

Curbsiders is facilitated by Doctors Matthew Watto, Stuart Brigham, Paul Williams, and a nationwide network of students, residents, and clinician-educators. 

That means it covers a massive — I mean, really, really enormous — range of topics. We're talking Antibiotics 101, sarcoidosis, ADHD, wilderness medicine, vulvovaginitis, acute kidney injury — and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Nurse Practitioner Podcast

Looking for content that’s dialed into precisely what nurse practitioners are dealing with? The Nurse Practitioner Podcast is the official podcast of The Nurse Practitioner journal. With a focus on guiding nurse practitioners through a spectrum of career issues — from certification and transition to practice to clinical topics to industry-wide discussions — this podcast offers solid, evidence-based content on a weekly basis for NPs at all levels. 

Real World NP

Weekly podcast episodes covering clinical topics, case studies, and role transition challenges for new nurse practitioners in primary care-- hosted by yours truly. You know this is a shameless plug, right? But for real, I honestly am so excited that we can offer this to nurse practitioners. We make our weekly episodes as relevant and impactful as possible. That way, you can take the information and use it in your practice — right away. 

If you’re a visual person, our episodes are also over on the YouTube channel (especially helpful for the Lab Interpretation Case Studies playlist that shows diagnostic algorithms).

Check out all our episodes over at, where you can also sign up to get each episode sent straight to your inbox each week. 

Being able to take our weekly video and make it accessible feels like a huge win! I hope you have a chance to check it out!

If you want to learn more about a specialization...

At Your Cervix (OBGYN)

At Your Cervix explores pelvic health like it’s on a mission. 

Which it basically is — led by Gráinne Donnelly and Emma Brockwell, two pelvic health physiotherapists, the podcast ranges from pregnancy and postpartum concerns to exercise to body images to female health in general. 

AP Cardiology

I always need more cardiology in my life! ❤️

While AP Cardiology is intended for internists looking to up the ante on their cardiology knowledge, anyone who works in primary care can pick up valuable clinical pearls. 

Hosted by Dr. Andrew Perry, AP Cardiology goes beyond covering the basics, studies, and guidelines. He provides valuable context for clinical issues, breaking down the pathophysiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment.  

Peds in a Pod

Peds is a big topic for NPs — in fact, pediatrics is one of our most frequently requested topics. (We’re working towards covering it, we promise!)

In the meantime, there are lots of great podcasts to help answer your peds questions. And Peds in a Pod is one of them. 

Ashley Grigsby, DO, and David Rayburn, MD, are the hosts of Peds in a Pod. They do a deep dive into pediatric board review topics. But you don’t have to be prepping for your boards to benefit from their quarterly podcast — it’s helpful for picking up pediatric clinical pearls or expanding your scope of practice. 


If you work in primary care, geriatric and palliative care are ~going~ to be part of your landscape. And because the number of people over age 55 grew by 27% between 2010-2020, maximizing your scope of practice for these specialties is just straight up pragmatic. 

Enter: Geripal. Hosted by Eric Widera, MD, and Alex Smith, MD, this podcast covers everything from the realities of caregiving to the latest in pharmacology for geriatric patients. 

This Podcast Will Kill You

Deadly. Funny. Professionally relevant. 

This Podcast Will Kill You dives into the biology of infectious diseases, from common to rare. The hosts? Two epidemiologists who bypassed academia to join the wild world of podcasting. 

And you know what? I’m so glad they did. The hosts are incredibly skilled at doing something rare in the scientific and healthcare communities: Breaking down complex information in a way that makes you feel like you ACTUALLY understand it.

To be honest, This Podcast WIll Kill You isn’t dishing up information that you need every day in the clinic, but it’s fascinating and you never might just spot a zebra thanks to it. 

What’s your favorite podcast these days? We’d love to hear about it. 

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