Microalbuminuria Case Study: Lab Interpretation for New Grad NPs

chronic care clinical topics diabetes gu lab interpretation nephrology Jan 21, 2020
An image of a woman smiling wearing a black polka dots blouse in a white background with a text on the right Urine Micro Albumin in yellow background.

Urine microalbumin is one of the most common tests we order in primary care. It's a standard of care for patients with diabetes to check it annually to assess for signs of early renal impairment.

But interpreting the results--  and knowing what to do with them!-- can be tricky and confusing.

Interpreting Urine Microalbumin in Primary Care

In this video, using a case study based on a real patient, you’ll learn:

  • How to interpret this test
  • What to do with the results
  • How to treat abnormal levels

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Accessibility matters: Read the full transcript HERE

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