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Updated Billing and Coding for Nurse Practitioners

Jul 27, 2021

When you graduate from NP school, you’re probably thinking:

  1. I’m so so so glad to be done!
  2. What comes next?! 
  3. How am I going to find a job?
  4. I’m not going to worry about that...
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Facial Swelling Case Study for Nurse Practitioners

Jul 20, 2021

I had a patient last week who came in with facial swelling. It’s not a super common chief complaint in primary care, honestly, and neither were her exact symptoms or presentation. 


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Diagnosing and Managing Shoulder Pain

Jul 13, 2021

When you’re working as a primary care nurse practitioner, you are going to see —i.e. diagnosing and managing — a lot of shoulder pain. 

Like, a lot of it. Musculoskeletal...

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