Confidently Manage Diabetes, Hypertension & CKD in Primary Care

Learn from an experienced NP (with specialist input!) how to  manage them in primary care according to best practice & evidence-based current guidelines

This activity is approved for 10.35 contact hour(s), including 2.8 pharmacology hours, of continuing education by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners [Activity ID22095790]. This activity was planned in accordance with AANP Accreditation Standards and Policies.



Diabetes, Hypertension & CKD Can Feel Overwhelming

This is true whether you're a brand new, new-ish, or experienced NP-- the quick decisions we need to make in primary care are built on an iceberg of knowledge we need to have tucked away. This is especially true for Diabetes, Hypertension, and Chronic Kidney Disease.

Does this sound like you? You:

  • Went into primary care to make an impact, but feel like you're so overwhelmed trying to learn it all that it's hard to connect with patients the way you'd like. It would be so much easier if you had more of the clinical knowledge nailed down
  • Feel okay with the first-line go-to medications for Diabetes and Hypertension (metformin and lisinopril much?),  but are too nervous to try other classes or stress out when you have to figure out what to add next
  • Worry about being current with the most up-to-date guidelines and recommendations when it comes to managing DM, HTN and CKD (but don't feel like you have time to read through it all the way you'd like!)
  • Feel uncomfortable managing CKD, like you don't know what you should do with it and feel like you're just watching it get worse

I absolutely feel you

It feels like all the info we need to make these clinical decisions are spread out everywhere between 127-page guidelines that take forever to review or separated across 6 thousand Up-to-Date articles.

When making the Managing Diabetes, Hypertension & CKD Review Course, we read the guidelines cover to cover, consulted with the best evidence-based resources, and reached out to and learned from specialists so we could give you the paired-down, concise, practical step-by-step diagnosis, assessment, management, and monitoring guidance for DM, HTN, and CKD in primary care.

So you can save time, headaches, and self-doubt and feel comfortable with a solid foundation in managing these three conditions. So you can make faster, more confident decisions.

AND so you can have more focus on taking the best care of your patients, developing patient relationships, and getting more time to live your full, human life instead of reading and researching for hours (when your brain is already fried).


In Just a Few Hours of Continuing Education, You Could…

  • Confidently choose diabetes medications based on A1C, comorbidities and med classes
  • Know how to assess, work up, monitor and manage CKD, and know when to refer
  • Understand medication titration in DM, HTN & CKD according to comorbidities, cost, and current guideline algorithms with "real world" pearls of practice, consideration and why or why not rationales to choose each one

Having resources you can rely on and trust makes all the difference. We’ll cover it all (and more!) in the Managing Diabetes, Hypertension & CKD Review Course.


Managing Diabetes, Hypertension & CKD Review Course

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You Ready For DM, HTN & CKD to be Handled? Clearer? Way, Way Less Stressful?

This self-paced, lifetime-access, 4-module course will give you an overview of all three of these conditions - including the renal lab interpretation you need to know to manage CKD. You can learn at your own pace and give care that you feel proud of.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Differentiate between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, start and titrate insulin, and confidently choose other medications aside from Metformin
  • Confidently work up resistant and secondary hypertension, manage hypertensive urgencies, and know what meds to choose for each patient (including tricky diuretics!)
  • Work up, assess, monitor, and manage CKD comfortably with concrete guidance and step-by-step management principles (knowing what's appropriate for primary care versus when to send to nephrology)

 Learning medicine and trusting your own decision-making is always a process we need to live through and experience on our own (unfortunately no one else can do that for us)...

...but having shortcuts like practical, concise lessons, reference cheat sheets, and algorithms (things you wish you had time to make yourself) can make that process so much easier and enjoyable.

How the Managing DM, HTN & CKD Course Works👇

When you sign up, you automatically get instant access to every module - no waiting required.

It's a self-paced, choose-your-own-adventure & refer-back-anytime-you-need-it resource for your practice.


The lessons are in streaming video with slides, cheat sheets & algorithms to download and keep at your desk for quick reference. There's also an app for easy listening!


Whether you blaze through it on a weekend or take your sweet time over weeks or months, this material is here to support you. It doesn't expire, and you can revisit it as often as you like— you've got lifetime access to the course.


After you've reviewed the modules, answer a handful of questions to claim your 10.35 contact hours of continuing education (2.8 are pharmacology hours!)— approved by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (counts for ANCC certified NPs, too!)


"This course has boosted my confidence."

- Annabelle, NP

What's Included In The Course...

⭐️ 10.35 Continuing education hours accredited by AANP ⭐️

Includes 2.8 hours of pharmacology credits!

Activity ID # 22095790

⭐️ Bonus ⭐️

2 Patient Case Review Call Recordings with Experienced NPs

We had the awesome opportunity to host these two phenomenal nurse practitioners for mentorship calls where we talked through patient cases together! You get access to BOTH recordings!

CALL # 1

Patient Cases with Breana, NP & Liz Rohr, NP

Breana is our newest member of the Real World NP team, and has been a primary care NP for over 7 years in the Federally Qualified Health Care setting. In this call, we'll take your patient cases and questions about things like:

  • Patients with hypertension, challenges you have
  • Patients with CKD - workups, management challenges
  • Patients with diabetes, questions about what treatments to try next

It's one thing to learn the guideline recommendations, and another thing to apply it in the real world and start trusting yourself. We'll take as many questions as we can, and the call will be recorded and uploaded to the course modules.


Diabetes Patient Cases with Meghan Kavanaugh, NP, CDE, RDN and Liz Rohr, NP

Meghan is a guest contributor to Real World NP and a nurse practitioner specializing in Diabetes. She also used to be a registered dietician before she became an NP! She's especially passionate about accessibility and "real life" application of diabetes care. We'll take course participant questions and cover things like:

  • Cost challenges in the real world of diabetes care, and how to navigate them
  • Tricky diabetes cases that you wish you could refer out
  • Dietary advice for patients with diabetes

We'll take as many questions as we can, and this will also be recorded and uploaded to the modules!

This Course Is For You If...

  • You're working with adults in primary care
  • You want a solid foundation for diagnosis, management, and medications in DM, HTN, CKD
  • You want to shorten the time it takes to read, research, and review all the guidelines, pharmacology, and Up-to-Date articles it takes to feel comfortable managing DM, HTN & CKD

I'm Liz Rohr, FNP-BC

After just finally feeling competent as a nurse practitioner after 3 ½ years in practice, I almost burnt out from the profession altogether. I knew there was a better way to adjust to real-world practice, so started Real World NP in 2019 to help make the transition to practice easier for other new NPs with the mentoring, resources & continuing education I wish I had as a new grad.

My team and I use what we've learned as nurse practitioners to help new PCPs find peace of mind through continuing education courses and resources they trust, so they can take the best care of their patients.

"I was overwhelmed trying to manage HTN, DM, and CKD before this course. I am constantly asking my collaborating physician with questions to the point that I feel embarrassed to ask her again. I have been talking about this to my classmates since this course has boosted my confidence."

- Annabelle, NP

"I learned a lot in a short period of time. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. It will make your life easier."

- Diana, NP

"[Before the course,] I was afraid to make a mistake and not sure about how to care for my patients. I can prescribe without fear and I know I am doing the right thing for my patient. I still start medication low and slow. Do it."

- Micheline, NP

Managing Diabetes, Hypertension & CKD Review Course

Comes with 10.35 hours of continuing education credit via AANP!

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