Diabetes Medication Workshop

Two-hour workshop covering non-insulin medication management according to 2020 AACE guidelines

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Diabetes med management can be overwhelming!


So many options. It's hard to know which one to choose, the risks & benefits of each.

In this recorded, live 2-hour workshop, I'll be covering the algorithm of management for non-insulin medications according to the AACE 2020 Diabetes guidelines.
  • What comes first, second, third, etc
  • The profiles of each med choice, when to choose them
  • Risks, benefits, side effects of each class
  • SO MANY Pearls of Practice
  • Example patient cases to apply your learning
  • Medication cheat sheets and downloads

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- Julli


2-hour Diabetes Medication Class

  • Foundations for medication management for patients with diabetes
  • Medication recommendations according to AACE Comprehensive Diabetes Management guidelines
  • When to choose, when not to choose
  • Pearls of practice and some example patient cases.

Medication Cheat Sheets


Covering the primary non-insulin medications in primary care AND the slide presentation with extra pearls and tips.

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Important Note

Full Disclosure

The Diabetes Medication Workshop is for primary care providers only, taking care of non-pregnant adults (no pediatric or OB caveats discussed here).

“The straight-forward, to the point facts are all useful for practice. Effective, informative and practical

- Samantha

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