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Lab Interpretation Crash Course 

CE Approved, self-paced continuing medical education that takes
the stress out of lab interpretation for new nurse practitioners.

**Approved for 8.7 contact hours of continuing education
through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (Activity ID 21115286)**

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Everything new nurse practitioners need to know about lab interpretation — in one place 

It's time to take the stress out of lab interpretation because...

➡️ Clinic is too busy to waste time on bulky, impractical, hard-to-navigate resources.

➡️ Who has time for another boring continuing education lecture that doesn’t even get to the point?

➡️ You're tired of running questions by providers — and getting different answers from everyone.

➡️ You're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, and start feeling confident.

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The Lab Interpretation Crash Course makes labs easier for new nurse practitioners 

As a primary care nurse practitioner, you deal with lab results every day...but did school really prepare you for the real world of ordering and interpreting labs as a nurse practitioner (especially the ~slightly~ abnormal ones)? 

Every day, new nurse practitioners have to figure out what to do about...

CBC with Differentials

Liver Function Tests (LFTs)

Basic Metabolic Panels

PCOS, Testosterone & Menopause

Cholesterol Levels

Urinalysis & Urine Dipstick


Becoming a nurse practitioner is HARD

And handling lab results is a big part of that.  The uncertainty — are you doing it right?! — is scary.

The Lab Crash Course is designed for real-life nurse practitioners — the NPs looking to:

✅ Find information that's concise, comprehensive, and hyper-relevant to their everyday clinical practice. 

✅ Take charge of clinic life and make a difference in their patients' lives. 

✅ Feel confident and empowered by their knowledge.

✅ Get hours back for yourself every day.

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I understand where you're at because I WAS you

When I was a new NP, I felt queasy every time I opened my laptop and saw lab results in my inbox.

I’d try to figure it out on my own, hopping from resource to resource, eyes glazing over while I read the same lines again and again.

I'd stare at lab results before finally breaking down and asking for help again…but getting different answers from different providers.

Which is exactly why I wanted to help

I dug into all (literally, all) the evidence-based resources available and found the good stuff — you know, the information you actually need to use in your day-to-day work. 

All in all, the Lab Crash Course represents 120 hours of reading, deciphering, and analyzing! 

I also interviewed expert internal medicine, hematology, gastroenterology and nephrology physicians to provide the highest degree of specialist verification. 

 The result: A step-by-step overview for interpreting the most common labs in primary care, so you’ll know what ranges to worry about, when to recheck, what to manage in-house and what to refer out.

Because knowing what to do with a lab result is the difference between spending hours every week stressing...and spending more time with your family, friends, and self-care during your time off.

How the Lab Interpretation Crash Course has helped NPs

Cynthia H., NP

I started the course when I got my first job as a PCP. This course was very concise and focused in on what I really needed to know to practice. Totally worth it. I will be listening to it again and again.

Sarah B., FNP

Until I found you I spent endless hours researching patient labs (repeatedly). I've learned a ton of new information. I am finding that some of the NPs that have been practicing for much much longer are coming to me for help with labs. This knowledge is invaluable!

Fatima M., FNP-BC

Just wanted to say thank you for all your online resources and the lab crash course! I felt so comfortable sitting down, reviewing my patients CBC and iron studies to figure out what was going on! 

How the Lab Interpretation Crash Course works👇

When you sign up, you automatically get access to our Welcome Module and Module 1.

Then one module is released every week for four weeks. After that time, you can access any module, at any time — it's a self-paced, refer-back-anytime-you-need-it resource for your practice.


Streaming video, audio MP3s & written transcripts



Get 8.7 contact hours of continuing education — this course is approved by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.


And revisit as often as you like— you've got lifetime access to the course AND our quick reference When to Worry cheat sheets

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Join the community & get support

Our Lab Interpretation Crash Course Facebook Group is here for you, day or night.

Ask questions, share your lab interpretation experiences in a supportive community of other like-minded nurse practitioners, guided by yours truly, Liz Rohr, NP.

Got questions about lab results?

Submit them for insight and discussion with your peers and mentor Liz inside the Lab Interpretation Crash Course Facebook Group.


What can you expect when you start the Lab Interpretation Crash Course? 

Over the course of 5 self-paced modules, you'll learn how to interpret the most common primary care labs — for the real world!

That means we go BEYOND your typical textbook lab reference ranges — the obviously normal ones, the clearly abnormal ones, and the ~just slightly~ abnormal ones.

NPs share their experience with

the Lab Interpretation Crash Course 👇

Shelly P., NP

This course has changed the way I look at patients. I am starting to consider other systems when I go to order labs and am starting be more specific instead of just order labs and interpret them when I get them.

I think the best part is that I get to go back and look at the videos again because I pick up more each time I review them.

Sarah K., NP

In my practice as a new grad, I found that if I could pinpoint any particular area that I wished we had more detailed coursework in school, it would have been lab interpretation. We got tidbits here and there when it was applicable to the disease we were learning about, but nothing as comprehensive and detailed as this course. I feel much more confident in my ability to make day-to-day decisions when reviewing labs.

Megan R., NP

This definitely lessens the stress! I have had NP friends come to me with lab questions and I find myself knowing exactly what to do! This has saved me so much time!

I do not believe I would have learned this information in the immediate future without this course. This has had such a positive impact on my practice!

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👉 NOTE 👈

The Lab Interpretation Crash

Course isn't for everyone.

The Lab Interpretation Crash Course is for primary care providers only, taking care of non-pregnant adults.
That means no pediatric or OB caveats are discussed here.
This is super important, because if you work in the hospital setting or long-term acute care, there are scenarios that I’ve specifically left out since they aren’t relevant to the level of acuity in the primary care setting.
But for primary care, internal medicine, and family practice providers— whether brand new or experienced— it’ll make you feel EXCITED to review your labs.

I know you're busy...

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