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How can you know you're doing it right?

Does this sound like you?

  • Dialing your supervisor with a question (again), even though you know it'll ring through to voicemail?

  • Bracing yourself or stifling sighs when you get rude or unhelpful answers (once you finally get a hold of them)?

  • Scanning job postings requiring less than year of experience, since you'll probably have to change jobs already?

  • Staring at your student loans, wondering if going back to NP school was the right decision?

  • Snapping at your partner on the daily because you're so stressed all the time?

Or worse..

You're worrying if things keep going this way, you'll have to quit being an NP altogether.

What if someone's number one job was to answer all your questions?


And I mean all of them. Even the dumb ones.*

Maybe you can grab someone for a quick question between patients  but are they listening? Did they hear all the details?

Some questions aren't quick. You know the ones: like what to do with the 62 year-old recently discharged for new-onset heart failure, with an A1c of 11% and a creatinine of 2.1 (who's refusing specialty care of any kind).


But what if you had someone's undivided attention, got answers you feel good about, and got feedback on how you're doing?

Maybe you could finally relax on evenings and weekends. And get time back to spend on, well, literally anything else that's not work.

What else would get better?

(Obviously they'd be easy to talk to, know what they're talking about, and never make you feel stupid).

*They're not actually dumb.  Really.

I feel you.

This was me and what I wanted as a new grad.

Now that I've been an NP for nearly 4 years— with hundreds of hours mentoring new grad and student NPs— I want to be that mentor for you.

Here's what you get

new nurse practitioner mentor
  • Meet with me 1-on-1, once a week for 1 hour, online

    • Look over patient cases, SOAP notes, and labs, so you can stop being afraid to open your computer
    • Handle tough patient conversations, so you can stop dreading seeing certain patients on your schedule
    • Talk about the transition from RN to NP (or other career to NP), so you can know what's normal and what's not
    • Go over whatever you want to talk about this is your time

  • Sign up for 1-, 2- or 3-months at a time

    • Pick a plan that works best for you
    • Pay up front—when you commit, you can let go of the stress that comes with being "on the fence," going back and forth deciding whether or how long to sign up for (adding to the already 1000s of decisions you're making a day).

  • Email me between meetings

    • Ask the non-urgent, nagging questions that can't wait until our next meeting
    • I'll reply within 24 hours, but usually MUCH sooner

"In the beginning it felt surreal being someone's PCP and now I feel confident taking care of 1,300+ patients."

I do not know how I would have made it without Liz. Starting out as an NP I felt anxious and had many sleepless nights, waking up concerned that I was missing something for almost every patient I saw. Liz is a natural mentor and working with her I felt completely supported and safer as a practitioner. If you feel unsure about working with Liz, know that she is a stellar human, supportive team member and ridiculously smart!
AGNP, WHNP, former mentee and colleague 


Book a free, 20-minute call.

We'll talk about your experiences, what you're looking for, and questions you have. I don't bite, promise.

Choose a plan.

Sign up for 1, 2 or 3 months, and pick a time to meet each week.

Breathe easy.

I'll send you an email or two, and all you need to do is show up.

Now, I'm sure you have questions.

Who is this (perfect) for?

You're a primary care nurse practitioner, with less than 1 year of experience. You have a big heart and want to make a big impact, but feel like you're scraping by. You're excited to learn and be an NP but feel overwhelmed with the lack of support.

Who is this NOT for?

This isn't for you if you're a specialist, hospitalist, pediatric or women's health (only) nurse practitioner. It's not for NPs with more than 1 year of experience.*

*unless you're going back to primary care from a first year in a specialty.

Do you follow guidelines? Are you up-to-date with practice?

Yes. I'm 100% committed to evidence-based practice and am obsessed with doing the right thing. I'm not a walking textbook (I wish), but I've got solid experience, and if I don't know the answer to your question, I'm here to help you find it.

Having a mentor can speed up your growth and save you the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights of going it on your own. Having a mentor won’t give you all the answers, and being a new-grad nurse practitioner is still intense and challenging. It’s not a quick fix, but it will help you gain the tools you need to thrive in your new career.

Try it out for 14 days


Mentoring comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You should feel awesome about this decision. I hope it will forever change your practice and help your growth.

If it's not everything you hoped, contact me within 14 days of your first session I'll ask for some feedback and you'll get your money back, guaranteed.

"I absolutely loved working with Liz. She brought such a relaxation and ease into my experience."

I have brought all the experience I gained while working with Liz into my current practice, including time management, concise documentation and evidence-based approach to high quality care. She has great life, educational and clinical experience. She is kind, calm and loves teaching not only her students but also her patients. I've learned so much from her and value all the time I spent with her.
AGNP, former student and colleague 




$175 per meeting

What's included:

  • Weekly Meetings (4)

  • Email support between meetings

  • Add extra 1-hour meetings for $129 each (to be used within the 4 weeks)



$163 per meeting

What's included:

  • Weekly meetings (8)
  • Email support between meetings
  • 1 free 1-hour meeting to be used PRN ($129 value)
  • Add any extra 1-hour meetings for $129 each (to be used within the 8 weeks)



$150 per meeting

What's included:

  • Weekly meetings (12)
  • Email support between meetings
  • 2 bonus free 1-hour meetings to be used PRN ($258 value)
  • Add any extra 1-hour meetings for $129 each (to be used within the 12 weeks)
  • Phone support* for quick questions that can't wait
  • 3 SOAP note feedback videos, including billing recommendations** ($198 value)

*I'll get back to you within an hour during my posted "office hours," which I'll share with you each week.

**Wondering if your notes are any good? I'll review 3 of them in a recorded video to give you feedback.  We can also review notes when we meet, too, but this is an extra opportunity outside of meeting time to improve your note-writing and billing skills.


I see you putting everyone else first, working through lunch, holding your pee all day, getting it DONE.

You’re a leader, you’ve got a huge heart and you are more than capable—you don't need me to tell you that.

You can put your head down and get through this alone.

But can we have some #realtalk for a sec?

You know this is a fast track to burnout—and you can’t take care of patients if you’re not in practice anymore.

You’ve worked so hard to get here.

What you do next can mean the difference between slogging along, feeling resentful and and falling back in love with being a nurse practitioner. Which would you rather have? I'm here to help you.

Common Questions & Concerns

Giving Back

When you invest in mentoring, you're also creating meaningful change for the earth and our future.
A portion of every sale is donated to the Sierra Club Foundation to fight climate change.


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