Are NP Careers Changing?

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An image of two women smiling with a text Are NP Careers Changing?

Are you a nurse practitioner feeling lost, uncertain, or unfulfilled in your career? This raw, honest, and needed conversation with Amanda Guarniere, the founder of Resume RX, may be exactly what you need right now.

Amanda is an Ivy-league educated Nurse Practitioner, Keynote Speaker and Career Mentor who helps nursing professionals find and land their dream job.

We talked about:

  • The career challenges NPs are facing
  • Alternative career paths many NPs are considering
  • Changing power dynamics between employers and employees
  • How to think about career changes and honor YOURSELF in the process

We dive into the growing concerns among NPs regarding stagnant wages, shifting power dynamics between employers and employees, and the desire for personal fulfillment beyond traditional clinical settings.

We chat about the rise of entrepreneurship, side hustles, and non-clinical roles that allow NPs to leverage their expertise and pursue their passions.

We encourage NPs to challenge societal expectations and professional scripts that may stop them from doing what they love.

The twists, turns and bumps along the road are par for the course but smoothing out the journey is exactly why Real World NP exists.

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