Time Management Tips: An Interview With The World's Most Productive Nurse Practitioner

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An  image of two women smiling in a light pink background with a text Time Management Tips: An Interview with The World's Most Productive Nurse Practitioner

Ever find yourself at work until all hours finishing your charting – or, even worse, taking charting home with you? Wondering how you might possibly get a handle on all of this stuff before you drown? You are most definitely not alone.

Time Management Challenges Are Super Common For New Grads, Seasons NPs, And Almost Everyone In A Patient-Facing Position

And the time management challenges go double for primary care; it’s a demanding environment, with the widest variety of clinical presentations and levels of care (even some that should be at urgent care or emergency). Anything could (and will) be waiting for you each day; if your time management game needs a little work, this could be a recipe for burnout. Let’s not let it get to that.

This week, we talk with Jessica Reeves, a Nurse Practitioner with a knack for time management (and author of Secrets From The World’s Most Productive Nurse Practitioner). We’ll cover:

βœ… Where to start with time management
βœ… The impact of the schedule on your time management – and what you can do about it
βœ… The life-changing magic of dictation
βœ… Using body language to manage the flow of the visit
βœ… Setting limits (focused visit = focused note)

When it comes to clinical topics, things often get better over time and with experience. When you have clinical questions, there are usually more experienced colleagues that can guide you. Time management is different; it’s the distinct minority that is really excelling in that game. If you are struggling with time management now, you will likely continue to struggle unless you change your approach.

School prepares you for the clinical aspects of practice, but offers little (if any) guidance for how to actually get through the day. The good news is that with reflection, time, and practice, you can get your time back into your control and find the work-life harmony that works for you.

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