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Atopic dermatitis can be SO painful for patients and their families. It can feel frustrating for both the patients and providers when they keep coming back without getting any better.

As a new nurse practitioner in primary care, managing Atopic Dermatitis can be challenging. But, with the right knowledge and approach, you can give your patients with atopic dermatitis the best care possible.

I got to chat with a pediatric dermatologist and added a TON of clinical pearls to my arsenal of "real world" NP knowledge-- which I'm sharing with you in this week's video.

Managing Atopic Dermatitis in Primary Care

You’ll learn:

  • What treatment actually works, especially when they’ve told you they’ve “tried everything”
  • What skincare to recommend, which steroids, and what unconventional treatments can help keep flares at bay
  • Answers to popular questions these days: who actually needs food allergy testing, to bathe or not to bathe, and more

Maybe you haven't seen someone with severe eczema yet, so you could save it for a rainy day, but you'll be so much more prepared when it comes around (and the patients & kiddo's parents will LOVE you for it).

This video is packed with clinical pearls and practice tips. And, yes, maybe it’s a slightly less glamorous topic, but a SUPER common and painful problem.

You truly can make a big difference in the lives of your patients with atopic dermatitis.. With your help, they can have better outcomes and enjoy a better quality of life.

Atopic Dermatitis Management Cheat Sheet

This episode comes with a cheat sheet to keep at your desk for quick reference! Download your cheat sheet here.

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