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Diagnostic Approach to Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Jun 02, 2021

Abnormal uterine bleeding can be a stressful chief complaint to encounter as a new nurse practitioner.

And for good reason-- many patients worry that it’s a severe problem that will affect their child-bearing potential, and providers can feel stressed that it feels like a complex topic to investigate.

In this week’s video, I’m covering the diagnostic approach to abnormal uterine bleeding in primary care, focusing on:

The history questions to ask and the systematic approach to think about this chief complaint

Context based differential diagnoses and

The initial steps to work up abnormal uterine bleeding based on the history and exam

Check it out here:

(FYI: to slow down the audio speed, hit the gear symbol in the bottom right corner and change it to .75x or .5x. Closed captions are also located at the bottom R hand corner of the video.)

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