Giving Yourself Permission, Season 2 Recap and What's Next

Mar 27, 2024

 I’d love to invite you to take a moment to relax your jaw, relax your shoulders, and take a deep breath…

… And maybe take one or two more with me…

… Happy Spring πŸ™‚

I hope the birds are chirping outside, a warm breeze is coming in the window, or you get to take a meal break in the sunshine today.

On this week’s episode I want to give you some permission if you feel like you need it—

To be a whole human with needs, feelings, desires, and cares. To do what feels authentically right to you.

We’re plopped into a healthcare system that is specifically NOT set up for humans to be humans, and is designed for us to operate like machines.

And it takes a LOT of courage to stay true to ourselves and what we want and need when we’re also trying to stay safe— financially, emotionally, physically.

Sometimes it’s helpful to see and hear from others doing the same so we can see what’s possible for us.

Here’s this week’s episode, sharing a bit of permission to give yourself, some highlights from this season’s podcast if you want to peruse previous topics, and upcoming plans for what’s next.

Season 2 Recap

In case you missed it, here are the episodes from season 2:

Are NP Careers Changing? Career chat with Amanda Guarniere, NP from The Resume Rx

Caretaker Fatigue: What is the Root Cause? With Catherine Wood. Practical ways to relieve our fatigue and intervene in burnout

Navigating the Drama Triangle as an NP with Brooke Nielsen. Understanding where clinic dysfunction can come from and practical ways to handle it.

Empowering Equity: Transforming Clinical Spaces with Community Care with Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo. What happens when you reach the “is this it?” stage of career, and where you can go from there (plus how to get funding to do the work you want to do in the community!)

Investing in Your Future: Financial Planning for NPs with Lauryn Williams. Key financial knowledge you need to make the career choices you’d like to make!

New Payment Plans on Courses

Oh! And an update on courses — we have a longer payment plan available now for BOTH courses ($99/mo for 4 months):

We also are offering those two courses bundled together for $100 off!

We don’t do discounts as a general rule, so that is the most $ you’ll save on our products. It has a pay in full option of $697 and a NEW payment plan option here ($175/mo x 4 months).

As a reminder, all courses come with continuing education hours, so you can use your work CME benefits for them if you’d like.

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